Wednesday, November 3, 2010


yes, yes I know...I'm awesome...!!!
(me, in the late 80's) 

October is a pretty special month for me. Firstly, it's Pride month here. And well, for a person like me it's a month full of important events. The last day of Pride being special in it's own right....Halloween is the day of the Pride parade. And it's friggen Halloween! Which can be a bit of a problem, because there's always so much to do on that day. Do you join in and be a proud queer? Or do you run around in clubs, pubs and parties dressed as a zombie ballerina?

(the answers do both!)

The other thing about October is, that's when I was born. For most people, their birthday is pretty special. But not me! I'm not too keen on my own birthday. Nothing particularly bad has ever happened on my birthday. I just don't like people making such a fuss about it...I don't know why really, I just don't like celebrating it. Which is why most people don't know what day it is!

Maybe I should throw my mum a party on my birthday. To say - congratulations for making it through one of the most painful experiences you could ever have the pleasure of knowing!

Most of my friends don't mind. They like teasing me about it and play around trying to guess what day it is. But they leave me be when they realize I've had enough. And most of them don't even mention my birthday when October finally comes around. Except a creepy 'special' few.

They just don't understand, and they don't seem to have any desire to respect my wishes or privacy. They even resort to stalking. Obviously birthdays are important to some people, but I just don't think they are so important that people should violate your privacy.

It's not like I'm hiding my age or anything. Most people know more about me than I know about anyone else!


Every year, around January, I go from telling anyone that asks how old I actually am, to how old I'll be that year. To be honest, I can't really tell you why I do this. It's just something I've always done.

So I guess this is me trying to say - I'm officially 26, no you can't know what day this happened...and I feel old...and pissed off that people stalk me!!!