Monday, January 31, 2011

New Hairdo...

A while ago I mentioned I was growing my hair out so I could donate it to an organization like Wigs For Kids. The reason I mentioned it on here was because I was thinking of maybe doing some fund raising to help another charity. Unfortunately, mostly due to my laziness, this didn't officially happen. So you didn't really hear anything from me about it again.

My original plans to donate my hair didn't change though. And today, after growing my hair for roughly 2 years, I finally got a haircut. But, I feel like I've cheated a little. Although I've been crazy excited to do this for so long, I chickened out and didn't completely shave my hair off. Obviously I don't posses the most feminine features in the world, so I was a little worried about passing with completely shaved head. Yes, my hair grows relatively quickly.
it would have taken a fair few months before I could have anything resembling a feminine hair style.
I kept a bit for myself!

One of the more dominant features of my face is my brow bone. Basically, it looks as if it belongs to a caveman. So, I decided the best way to have my cake and eat it would be to keep a fringe (Bangs). And because I've developed the habit of playing with my hair I kept a couple of strands either side of my face too. Yeah, I pretty much just described a feminine skinhead haircut. And yes, there is a negative image of skinheads, but they're neo-nazi's that adopted the original, true skinhead's don't hate!

yes, I do realize the cut is a little will be fixed!

Also, my daughter HATED that I was planning on cutting my hair. She told me I wasn't allowed or "I will be SO angry and I won't even give you hugs" because "your hair is so pretty" so I bargained with her. I told her I would keep a little tuft of hair and I would dye it any colour she wanted if she let me cut my hair off to help some kids. So after getting the permission I needed, the tuft grew to a couple of tufts, to a fringe...

I dunno...excuses aside - is it okay that I chickened out and took the selfish path to charity? Does it even count if you still have hair on your head? Maybe, maybe not. But I think I will still get questions, perhaps I'll get more without being completely shaved. When my head is shaved I look like a thuggish man, and it's pretty normal for a thuggish man to sport a shaven head, not so normal for a woman though. Hopefully I'll get the opportunity to spread awareness. Not awareness of sick people. Everyone knows people get sick, but not everyone realizes that - everyone has the capacity to help.

Earlier, when I said my fund raising didn't officially happen. I've still managed to encourage people to help, even without the promise of shaving my head - 
Some people have given me money to donate anyway. Some people have chosen a charity they feel needs the help and donated to them on their own. And some people have found their own way to help people in need...