Sunday, June 26, 2011


When I first came out and faced the world as the woman that I am I noticed other girls would sort of, cling, to me. And every now and then when I meet new people and they realize I'm transsexual some of the girls will become quite...enthusiastic.

What I quickly realized was - They thought of me as a gay man. They seemed hopeful of a Will and Grace type relationship developing between us. I guess those hags thought they had finally found their very own fag...until they realized I wasn't checking out the guy at the bar, I was checking out his girlfriend.

Sometimes I act a little exaggeratedly feminine. Because it's fun. And I do seem to 'pass' a little better somehow. When I do get into these, moods, I notice some girls, usually acquaintances, kinda slip into the hag space a little bit and start acting a little, familiar. Maybe not quite getting into the whole fag hag territory but a little more intense than our established "I've met you like 3 times, I like your hair" relationship.

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe there can be a successful lesbian tranny/hag relationship similar to the fag/hag relationship. But I'm pretty sure the dynamic would be a little different between a girl and her lesbian tranny than a girl and her gay.

What do you think...can a trans-hag exist?

PS. my mum has noticed girls with this behaviour around me and asked if lesbian trans-girls could actually have a "hag" in their life (yes. she loves Will and Grace, well, Jack and Karen). I couldn't really I'm asking you guys!

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