Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lets Run Away

I think I have a thing for green chairs!

Sometimes I feel like running away. To somewhere I've never been before. Somewhere I can get lost.

I've lived in the same city for about 24 years now. I don't really know anything else. I've traveled a little bit over seas (only 2 other countries, but I only count it as 1), I've driven across the country and back. But I don't think I've truly experienced anywhere else but my city.

My dream, from since I can remember, was to travel and live in different places around the world. There was no plan to become rich or be a professional, whatever. All I wanted to do was experience, live and create.

The plan was to finish school, find a job, save enough for a plane ticket and enough money to last a few weeks. (yeah not the best plan, but I've seen it work)

Well instead of saving my money I spent every cent I made on nothing. I liked to party and be an idiot. It was a lot of fun. I did travel a little bit with friends. We didn't go very far. Maybe as far as a day or two of driving away. We would be sitting at home, bored, and just decide we should go somewhere.

Usually the drill was; Check the funds we had between us. Pack a few things. Jump in the car and drive, either north or south. Almost every time we did this, we would only think about accommodation as we felt like stopping. So usually, we would just pull out the sleeping bags or swags and sleep wherever. 

One time I woke up sleeping on the bridge of a dam. There was no barrier stopping me from falling either side of the, narrower than a single bed, walkway. And a man standing with his dogs just staring at me before shaking his head and saying "the bloody things you see" as he walked off.

That was a fun trip.

Maybe I just miss the old, reckless, days of having no one else to worry about except myself. Being able to be spontaneous and actually doing the things I thought of. Or maybe it's because, at the moment, it feels like no matter how hard I try, things keep standing still.


  1. I am exactly where you are right now. Until September comes.

  2. I always dreamed of living in different places and exploring too but sometimes you get stuck in a rut and don't know how to get yourself out! It feels like everything gets old but you just can't get out of the flow.

    Good luck with trying something new!

    I'd love it if you could check out my blog sometime!

  3. Hey Heather;
    I was sure I replied to you earlier...anyways. I hope September comes along quickly without too much drama for you.

    Hi Molly;
    This dream seems to be a popular one. I'm sure I'll find a way to live it someday. If I ever figure out the secret for slipping out of ruts I'll be sure to post it on my blog.
    I'm about to check out your blog right now...