Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Midnight Adventure...Kinda

So it has been a while since my last post.

I suddenly realized how serious this blogging thing can be. So I freaked out and tried to pick one of my super amazing ideas and make it all super duper amazing. The goal was to be entertaining/thought provoking, or at least just not completely boring.

I had an amazing idea and all I needed was to get some clothes on and take some pictures and then basque in the glory that would have been my amazing blog post...This did not happen.

What I did do was nothing at all to do with blogging or my super duper amazing idea. I just got on with my fairly mundane life.

After a while and a lot of procrastination reading other blogs to fill my time because everything else I have to do isn't nearly as important. Fast forward to earlier tonight/this morning. I got hungry and bored, with a feeling of guilt, for not posting said amazing stuff.

So I went to get some greasy burgers and took some photos with my phone.

The talking box

Yay for 24hr drive through

They just left them sitting there staring at me...for minutes!

I had the biggest urge to play on this as I drove past

Being a badass (idiot) taking a picture while driving

The corner forever be known as "Dead Mans"
in motion 

The side of Dead Mans

So this was my midnight adventure of getting some food and driving back home.

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