Saturday, August 14, 2010


About 15000 people marched for the right to be married throughout Australia today.

After a slightly delayed start to my day I finally made it to the rally. With about 10 minutes before the march started. I missed out on the speakers and a performance but I made it in the end (better than nothing?).

I was feeling proud, of myself and everyone else that made it out today.

But after uploading some pictures on FB a good friend of mine told me his girlfriend was bullied because she's straight. There was no reason anyone should harass this girl. She's one of the sweetest people I've ever met. And she doesn't have any hate for the LGBTQI community, at all. I mean, she accepted me as I am without skipping a beat. Which is more than I can say for some of the 'gays' I know, who freaked out just as much as some of the 'heteros'  I know, if not more.

So now I'm not feeling 100% proud of my fellow queers. I'm still proud and I will still make it to the next rally for gay marriage. But I'm gonna be on the lookout for any 'straight bashing'. Because no one deserves to be discriminated against, even if they aren't a minority.

So anyhoosles...

Here's some of those pictures I mentioned

Some of the rallying peeps

Sure, there was a few homophobes 

But there was some straight, gay marriage supporters too

What do we want???

Lesbi-bride throwing her bouquet

Watching the last words...and...



  1. Gay or straight, everyone is bound to be bullied at some point. Beautiful pictures. Seems like the fight for gay marriage is happening all over the globe. Hopefully our children can look back on this when everything blows over and think how stupid it was to even ban gay marriage in the first place.

  2. yes, true. It just really upset me. It was only a small portion of the group that were being abusive (not that that makes it okay).

    I'm sure things will change, globally, soon enough. As long as we keep making our voices heard and our presence seen!