Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cancer Causes...

This reminded me of how special yet tiring kids are...

So I've been growing my hair for the past 12 months now, because I want to donate my hair to Wigs For Kids or Beautiful Lengths. To be honest I'm not really sure how I decided this, there isn't really much history of any cancer in my family and I have never been very close to anyone that has suffered with cancer. But my hair is in pretty good condition and it grows really friggen quick. So why not!

And, on a slightly selfish note, it does make me feel happier when I'm a little blue. Thinking, a little girl (I think hair is more important for a little girl), that has been dealt some pretty awful cards in her relatively new life, might find a small amount of comfort or even a slight reason to smile even for a second because I'm donating my hair.

Even though I have a ~really amazing, non style~ going on right now. I'm finding it really hard to stick at it and resist the temptation to have it cut lately. But I think I can handle it for another six months. That way I'll have more than the minimum length required and I could keep a couple of inches on my head.

Although, I've been thinking lately. Maybe I should milk this for everything I can and try to raise donations for a cancer charity and shave my head completely. It would mean looking VERY man like for a few months longer than otherwise. Which is actually pretty scary for me, but it is for a good cause...

I can't decide

What do you think. Should I keep a little for myself. Or stop being selfish and start organizing my fundraising efforts?


  1. I think the fact that you are even growing your hair out for this cause makes it all non-selfish. Not wanting to look like Sinead O'Connor when all is said and done doesn't make you selfish at all. I'll donate to your fundraising even if you don't shave your head. Keep me posted!!

  2. WOW, you are AMAZING Heather!
    I'll definitely let people know whats going on. It won't be for a while. As I said, I want to grow it out for a while longer (6 months max).
    It's at about the minimum 12inches now but I want to give a little more while leaving some for possible shaving!

  3. First of all, whether you go full monty or not (heh), it's pretty amazing for some little kid out there that you are even doing this. Kudos, sister.

    If it were me? I'd do "training wheels" first (don't shave, just cut it off). Then for Round 2 when you raise $, visit some charities OR - if you are really brave - some hospitals where your next donation would be felt. When it comes time to shave it all off...your courage will be bolstered by the faces you saw.

    That might also help you hone in on the specific organization you want to donate to, also.

  4. Thanks Austin Eavesdropper;
    I think visiting charities and hospitals is a great idea.
    Just getting feedback on here and from my friends is giving me more confidence in my decisions.
    I think if I can raise the money I'll have plenty of courage fed by the support and kindness of others.

  5. I think that's very commendable!
    If your hair grows fast, then why not shave it all off!

  6. Hi'ya Hipstercrite;
    I'm pretty sure I'm going the full shave. A lot of people seem to be behind me since I posted this on here and mentioned it on 'the facebook'. So I'm sure it'll be worth while. Actually I'm really excited about it! And besides, fresh shaved heads feel really good to touch...