Thursday, July 22, 2010

What About Me! (Warning: this is just an angry rant)

Why is it the only place I can be alone is in public?

I take all my friendships very seriously and I hate being a bad friend.

There are a few friends of mine that always seem to come to me for advice or even just a shoulder to cry on. There's nothing wrong with that and I actually feel quite honored that they would come to me at all. It does make me feel good that I can be there for them. And I do have rather large shoulders, that are pretty darn good for crying on. Even if I do say so myself.

The problem is, most of these friends don't seem to care if I have a problem. I'm not saying they have to be my shoulder because I was theirs. What I'm saying is, sometimes I'm dealing with my own stuff and I'm probably not the best person for you, at that particular time. The worst part of that is people get PISSED if for some reason I can't be there for them at that exact point in time.

Some of them don't get bothered at all. They'll come over and say "I need you to..." and I try to be a good friend and put my junk to the side for a moment while I explain to them that I'm dealing with my own stuff.
they usually reply with ", (some trivial problem and a bunch of tears)"

Just tonight a, drunkin' bogan (Aussie red neck), girl I went to school with from about grade 5 came to my door.  And asked if it was okay to "...hang out. I'm lonely and drunk" I told her "It's not a good idea. I'm in a really crappy mood and I need to be by myself at the moment" to which she replied "but I'm lonely and I've got more drinks I'll just come in and we'll do whatever...can you do my makeup?"

Anyway she's still here sitting on my couch trying to get my attention to tell me about the pixies that are running around my house. So I better go...yeah, I can be a bitch!


  1. Needing time to yourself does not make you a bitch. It's human. I've been quite the loner lately myself. If you have to turn off your phone, not answer that knock at the door, do it.

  2. Your right Heather;

    Needing time doesn't make someone a bitch. But proceeding to write a blog post about someone that's sitting across from you, trying to get your attention. Is a little bit of a bitchy thing to do.
    I was tempted to leave her standing outside. But, I thought she might actually be in some sort of trouble.