Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Can't Scramble My Words

Lately theres been a few things I want to talk about
I've had trouble coming up with an appropriate scramble of words that make any sense at all...even to me
Instead of not posting anything again. I went and took some pictures of people to share...

Shooting this was pretty dodgy/awkward.
They were little more than one step away from me trying to get out of my shot...
gotta love wide angle.

I was taking a photo of something else when these guys caught my eye

This guy was sitting on the floor, watching people. So I took a photo...

I promise I'll try to get some words up soon (but there may be more pictures before then)
xx Sophie Neutron xx


  1. You know what they say! Pictures are worth a thousand words so this was a long post. ;)

  2. Well, in that case Heather. I'm sorry for such a long post :P