Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Song...For Us Freaks

Even though it hurt to be called a freak growing up. I always identified as a freak.

But not always in a bad way

I've always believed, everyone, has something about them that is special. I would see people, all the time, that I couldn't describe without using the word "beautiful"

It would upset me though

Because these people that I saw so much beauty in were often ridiculed by others and tormented with the word "freak". After a while, I started to associate the word freak, with these beautiful people I would see. And I hoped I was one of them

One of the beautiful freaks...


Hearing this song for the first time was quite surreal. For so long, I thought I was alone with my love of the abnormally beautiful. It was like someone had been watching the incomprehensible scramble of thoughts and ideas in my head, as if it were a film, and decoded it into a song

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