Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Creative Burden

Unfortunately, painting didn't help unlock my creativity at all. What I have ended up with, after a few hours struggling with palettes and brushes, is a lovely picture of mud. Sure I could save the mess. but I will definitely need my creativity to do it.

I suppose that is part of the burden of creativity. To have an ability that isn't as common as the world deserves is an amazing gift. Maybe we have these creative blocks to remind ourselves that it is a gift, and we should persevere and struggle with all our energy. To push out all the creativity and technical ability we have hidden away inside us, so we can share it with the world.

Whenever I talk to people that aren't particularly creative about what I do, I tell them; everyone has creativity, and everyone uses it in their lives. The only real difference between us professional creatives and everyone else is we have the ability to work through these struggles and we have the passion to persevere.

Perhaps that's why many of the worlds most creative people are a little "disturbed". It is hard to work like this. To continually push our minds past never ending barriers and obstacles. And the craziest part is we can't help it, we can't switch off the compulsion. We have to keep on pushing our ideas farther, and uncover new and interesting ideas. It's the type of profession that demands us to give ourselves completely to what we do...It is who we are.

So here I go again. Agonising over whats trapped in my mind. Trying to get past the barriers until it starts spilling out again.

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