Sunday, December 27, 2009


Why is it that people seem to think everyone wants to know other peoples private business?

I got quite upset last night when someone started telling me something about a friend of mine. I already knew the information but I also knew it wasn't for anyone to spread or talk about.

It wasn't damaging information or even embarrassing but it was most definitely private. And this person thought it would be a great idea to walk around the bar telling everyone that knew us this gossip.

I instantly lost all the trust and respect I had for this person when they started talking about my friend and I realized they didn't have a clue I already knew. Not that it was a particularly appropriate topic of discussion anyway.

I'm not the only one from my circle that feels this way. It got around that this person was talking about things they shouldn't be and everyone started ignoring them. This made me a little upset too, but I was still angry at the 'betrayal' so I couldn't bring myself to go spend my time with them either.

My point; If your a gossip queen, or king, try your best to be more thoughtful of other people. It can be hurtful and embarrassing. Sure everyone talks about whats going on in their circle of friends, but you shouldn't spread information that has been told to you in confidence. In the end though, you're the one that will suffer the most from all your gossiping.

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