Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy circumstance

Bleh. I missed out on another night of fun due to my amazing organizational skills and laziness. And this night promised to be epic; filled with awesome people, costumes and other random shenanigans. So it was looking like an all too familiar night in with a little bit of feeling sorry for myself.

I was all but settled into the idea of being alone for the night. I had my supplies of junk food and a comfy spot on my old couch ready to click my way through the countless bad TV shows. And of course with my computer logged on to my favourite social site. Just in case I wasn't the only person too cool for fun tonight.

Well my plan worked. I have to admit, I was a little too excited when I heard the familiar POP of a new message coming through the speakers. I had something to do, or at least someone else to be alone with.

Turns out I was being missed by some old friends. So off I went and spent a nice chilled out night with some people I haven't seen in way too long. It was actually a really great night full of laughter and a little nostalgia.

First off I had to drive into my old neighbourhood where I grew up, which isn't actually that far from where I live, but not somewhere I ever venture. It turns out my friend lives right by my old highschool, and he lives with his girly friend who was also an amazing person from the past. A lot of old memories were flooding back to me now, all of them unexpectedly good (a little blury and patchy though, damn drunkin' misspent youth)

So after a few refreshments and some good music I wasn't feeling so bad about missing the shenanigans. It was definately a night well spent. I think it's time to dig through the old address books and try to stir up some more nostalgia. Although I may have a little 'splaining to do with the current awesome people in my life first, or at least some catch ups about all the costumed fun.


  1. Found your site via Hipstercrite. Watching your blog grow and flourish should be fun. Keep it up.

  2. Thank you for the encouragement Grant.
    I am learning, slowly, about all this Blogging and writing stuff. Hopefully I don't disappoint.