Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thanks Kid

It was incredibly hot today and my air conditioner broke down. So when the cool breeze finally decided to come along as the sun was going down I decided to do some work in the garden.

After a while I got a surprise visit. One of these visitors was the most amazing little lady. She was trying to escape the long days heat as well. So we sat around for a little while enjoying a nice "purple flavoured" icy treat.

When we were finished I thought it would be a good time to give the garden a little drink. It's always nice as the mist floats back toward you with the breeze. After I had started watering some of the trees, and we watched some birds playing in the cool mist, I was asked by this little lady if I would mind some help. I was asked  in the most innocent and polite way you could imagine. I couldn't say no, but as I found out, this was all a ruse.

I was stupid enough to hand the hose to a six year old. Almost immediately it was turned on me, and I was soaked within seconds. I wasn't really wearing clothes that are, fun, to get wet in. I had a blast.

This angelic, deceiving, little lady gave me a glimpse of what it was to be a kid again. Even though it was only for a few minutes as we continued our little water fight.

As we sat and ate our second icy treat, pink flavour this time. I realized, this was an amazing afternoon and I should aways try and remember to make the most of every day. The second thing I realized; this was just a normal afternoon for the little lady.

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