Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello 2010

I had an amazing night saying goodbye to '09 and hello to 2010.

I was with some of my favourite people. We didn't do anything that different to what we usually do. Went to the same clubs and bars as we usually do listened to (some of) our favourite bands and bumped into the same people.

But it was still very special to us, because we got do it all with each other. We even escaped without running into the usual dramas of a new years night.

I did get a surprise call from an old friend, who was with some girls I hadn't seen since high school. So I took off for a bit, just after midnight, to spend some time with them. I also met a birthday girl who was left alone while tripping. We adopted her into our group for a little while, just until we could figure out where she was meant to be.

So it may not have been a crazy new years with all sorts of weird adventures but it is still one night I will never forget.

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